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Terms & Conditions

The ‘General Traveler Terms and Conditions for IWS Tours are applicable to all tours and services that are booked by/through IWS Tours, as well as travel arrangements and confirmations which are part of this booking and listed in the IWS Tours’ Booking Confirmation. If you book a tour with IWS Tours, these conditions will become part of the travel arrangement. If any deviating stipulations are applicable to your booking, we will inform you in writing (including email) before or when you are booking your tour or service. Your confirmation is binding. Timetables and other tour information are subject to change, for example due to meteorological, technical or nautical reasons.

Third parties’ terms and conditions

If you book or purchase services from third parties, such as hotel reservations, transfers, the terms and conditions of IWS Tours do not apply; Terms and Conditions of each of these third parties are applicable to the service(s) that is/are being offered by each of these third parties.

Cancellation by the traveller

If an agreement is cancelled, the traveller shall pay the following cancellation costs in the event of cancellation, in addition to any reservation costs:


more than 100 days before the date of departure 0 %

100 to 42 days before the date of departure 30 %

42 to 28 days before the date of departure 60 %

28 days to 1 day before the date of departure 90 %

on the date of departure or later 100 %

always in % of the agreed tour (package) price


Partial cancellation

If a traveller from a touring group cancels his agreement for a joint accommodation in a hotel, apartment, holiday home or other accommodation, he shall have to pay the cancellation costs.
If the size of the remaining group for this accommodation is stated in the price table, the travel organiser shall offer a proposed change to the remaining traveller(s), which is appropriate for the new group size, for the same period and in the same accommodation.
For traveller(s) referred to in sub b. the tour (package) price shall be changed in conformity with the price table. The normal payment rules of article 3 shall apply to the payment of the changed tour (package) price.
If the proposed change is not possible or not accepted, all agreements shall be cancelled and all travellers shall have to pay a cancellation sum.
The total sum of the cancellation sums and changed tour (package) price(s) shall never exceed the total of the tour (package) prices of the original travellers. A possible surplus shall be reduced from new tour (package) prices.


Outside office hours

Cancellations outside office hours shall be considered to have taken place on the next working day.


Cancellation by the travel organiser

The travel organiser shall be entitled to cancel the agreement due to weighty circumstances.
Weighty circumstances shall be taken to mean circumstances of such a nature that a further commitment of the travel organiser to the agreement cannot be required in reason.
If the cause of the cancellation can be attributed to the traveller, the resultant loss shall be paid by the traveller.
If the cause of the cancellation can be attributed to the travel organiser, the resultant loss shall be paid by the travel organiser.

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