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Tours on land & sea

IWS tours wants to make sure you have the best time in and near Ilulissat. Our local guides are looking forward to telling their own stories from their everyday life in Greenland. Please make a request for tours you can see below.


Backcountry Cabin - A perfect place to see the northern lights, without light disturbance

Have your own cabin in the backcountry of Ilulissat. All alone or with your family. Our cabin is located inside the famous fiord of Ilulissat, Kangia, 15 kilometers from the town. The cabin is the base to your next life experinces; dogsledding, northern lights, fishing or listening to nothing but nature. 

You will be driven to the cabin by snowmobile and will be left alone. (We have a safety cooperation with another cabin nearby.)

Duration: 24 hours

Price: DKK 2295,- for single person

DKK 2695,- for two persons

DKK 3095,- for three persons

DKK 3495,- for four persons

Transfer, dinner and breakfast are included.



The cabin

The cabin is a small, warm and charming house. It's a one room cabin with a seperate toilet. There are three large matresses, that can be made into one queen sized bed and one single. You have a oppotunaty to make lighter hot meals such as soup or coffee/tea on the single hot plate. The cabin is heated by a ship owen. 

There are some games like cards, ludo, chess and others. 

All the things you need to eat or drink are there.

Artists walk through Oqaatsut.jpg

Program and meals

The pickup time is at 1PM at the start of the dog sled track.


Dinner -  white-, dark bread and noodles or soup.

There will be butter and different toppings.

Breakfast - Rolls, cheese, jam and boiled eggs.

Water, tea and coffee will always be available.

The pickup time to get back to Ilulissat is 1PM as well.


Tours from the cabin

Dogsledding further inside of the fiord. 

Duration 1,5 h. 

Price DKK 1795,- per person

Walk on the ice. Be picked up by a snowmobile and go on the ice inside the Fiord of Kangia.

Duration 2,5 h.

Price DKK 1095,- per person


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